We've been around for a little while

Since 1982, Slingshot has been bringing cyclists the best in mountain and road bikes. Here's a little but about our history:

Slingshot is born in Grand Rapids, Michigan
German Magazine "Sportrad" said the Slingshot was not only the smoothest and safest mountain bike they had ever ridden, it was also the " Fastest".
Martin Stenger finished in the top-ten in the NORBA points series, and Mark Smedly placed 4th in hillclimb events at both the National and World championships.
Mountain Bike Action named Slingshot "ONE OF THE TEN GREATEST MOUNTAIN BIKES OF ALL TIME".
Bicycling Magazine calls Slingshot "The Fastest Mountain Bike We've Ridden — PERIOD!"
Mountain Bike Action named Slingshot "ONE OF THE TEN GREATEST MOUNTAIN BIKES OF ALL TIME".
Bicycling Magazine reviews the Slingshot Road Bike and writes: "The road Shot instantly responds to a few hard pedal strokes, shooting forward like a horse from a blazing barn" and "I'd hate to race a criterium against someone who's on this bike, knowing he had such a significant advantage out of every turn".
Outside Magazine calls the Slingshot MTQ1 mountain bike a "Superior folder".
Bike Magazine concludes that "a stealth folding bike that works as well as a normal one when it's put back together is one of the true gifts of this cruel world".
Mountain Bike Magazine lists Slingshot as "The 11th Most Significant Bike Of All Time".
Adam Watts wins Seven Springs NORBA National Jr./Expert cross country on his Folding Slingshot.
First Slingshot 29er released to the public.
Brent Bookwalter wins National Colligate Mountain Bike Championship aboard his Slingshot.
Slingshot Ripper dominates Iceman. Slinghot Factory riders Russ Tiles and Jessica Woodard are top Michigan pro men and women finishers, while Niel Sharphorn and Danielle Musto win pro single-speed classes at the classic Iceman Cometh.
Danielle Musto finishes 2nd at 24 Hour Solo NORBA National Championships.
Introduction of wildly popular Farmboy
Introduction of the Handmade in the USA DD series frames
Introduction of Ripper 29